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About Circa Timepiecetm

At Circa Vintage Watch Company we go to great lengths to properly replicate and preserve every design detail and feature, capturing the intended beauty and elegance of the original vintage timepiece. The original vintage watch designs that we have selected for reproduction were all considered "small works of art" during their time.

We painstakingly replicate the subtlest details of the original timepiece. For example, our 23 K gold plate alloy is custom formulated to best match the color of gold alloy used during the early 1900s. You will also notice the beautifully curved cases, dials and crystals, elegant fancy lugs, recessed second hand sub-dials and individually stamped and applied numerals and markers. Our cases are either polished stainless steel or gold plated stainless steel for lasting wear and durability.

Each Circa Timepiecetm is equipped with the convenience of a modern day, battery powered, precision quartz movement. Each watch carries the security of a three year limited warranty. Our straps are made from supple, genuine leather and every Circa Timepiece(tm) is delivered in a handsome, lacquered wood display case.

As an avid collector of original vintage watches the founder had two goals in mind when starting Circa Vintage Watch Company.

The first goal was to bring back to life some of the most exquisite and unique vintage watch designs of the 1920s through 1950s, while maintaining the standards of quality and design of the original timepiece.

Over the years original vintage watches have become very hard to find and can be extremely expensive for the occasional admirer. With that in mind, the second goal was to produce a quality "Vintage Revival" timepiece that is very affordable, allowing everyone the opportunity to purchase and enjoy what he has enjoyed for many years.

We are happy to say that at Circa Vintage Watch Company we have accomplished both of our goals and are proud to present to you our Circa Timepiecetm, "Vintage Revival" watches. We hope you enjoy them and appreciate them as much as we do at Circa Watch Company.

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Circa 1940's Vintage Watch Design closeup


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